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"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."  - Henry Ford

Meet Our President


Serving as a former director and CEO for two different companies where he managed in excess of 50 employees, Gary knows first hand what it takes to build a company from the ground up and transform it into a profitable enterprise with over $2 billion in trust assets.

A recipient of both a law degree from John Marshall Law School in Chicago and an Accounting Degree from DePaul University, Gary had six years of bank and trust experience working for the Bank of Hickory Hills before forming and operating two trust companies, which would later merge into one. Over the next 15 years, Gary managed a staff in excess of 50 employees and grew the trust company's assets to an amount surpassing $2 billion.

Since 2000 he has acted as the Managing Director of a registered investment advisory firm in Orland Park, Illinois until the formation of Triex Financial Services. During this time, Gary has studied and created technical, statistical and fundamental trading programs which trade mutual fund accounts. As President, CEO and a Board Member of Triex Financial Services, Gary is also President and CEO of the Cord Vanderpool Foundation and a Director of the Panta Foundation.

About Us

A little about ourselves.....

Established in November 2006, Triex management has a combined 95 years of financial experience in banking, market timing, investing, trusts, insurance and business management.

Located in Orland Park, Illinois, a southwest suburb of Chicago, Triex Financial Services, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisory and Financial Research Firm, under the State of Illinois, which develops market timing signals through the use of technical analysis and mathematical formulas in an attempt to ascertain low risk, higher return mutual fund trades for certain leading market indices.

Triex Financial Services, Inc. was previously named Investment Adviser for the Triex Tactical Long/Short Fund, ticker symbol TLSNX.

There is no guarantee that any investment will achieve its objectives, generate positive returns, or avoid losses.

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